Metals and Mining

Since mankind's early beginnings, mining, metallurgy and the subsequent processing of natural resources have evolved into one of the most significant industries. Known as 'heavy-industry', this branch plays an important economic role in most countries.

The scope of applications for CTP systems ranges from the mining of natural resources (e.g. bauxite and gold-ore mining), through the production of acetylene gas from coal and calcium carbonate, to the aluminium and steel industry and their foundries.

In order to ensure pure and healthy air, especially in a factory's closed surroundings, many different contaminants resulting from the production processes must be eliminated. Most of the waste gas flows are very large and reach up to 240.000 Nm³/h.

For these processes CTP applies regenerative thermal oxidation systems (RTOs). Depending on the process requirements the RTOs are equipped with additional options such as special filters, scrubbers or dry adsorbers.  The difficult processes in this industry constantly provide new challenging tasks for the CTP R&D department.


CTP’s advanced APC technology can be found in the largest anode/cathode production lines world-wide.
The big challenge in these applications are the carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).