Building Materials, Cement and Lime

One of the oldest industry sectors, the construction materials industry has developed a broad range of products that is constantly adapting to the state of technology and architecture: Concrete, thermal and moisture protection, masonry, plastics, composite materials and finishes, are all used in the erection of buildings and structures, and also as auxiliary materials on construction sites. 

CTP has developed individual solutions to meet the demands of different manufacturing processes:

  • Chemical aggregates used in construction applications (plasticizers, activators, stabilizers for concrete, mortar, cement etc.)
  • Cement production
  • Plastics, insulators and composite materials, e.g. street surfaces
  • Hollow bricks

The range of CTP systems has purified waste gas volumes in quantities from 25.000  to 420.000 Nm³/h



CTP installed its largest RTO system for a big cement plant in Texas. A unique combustion chamber linked to 6 separate heat exchanger regeneration towers to treat over 420.000 Nm³/h of process gas.